Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Spring, Hurry UP

I've currently got a baby kitty rolling all over my keyboard, climbing on my knees, and nibbling on my fingers so excuse any typos. Roo has gotten very affectionate.

So, it's April 7th, and this is the second day we woke up, looked out the window, and instead of seeing budding trees and birds, were greeted with the sight of snow.

SNOW!?! Oh Midwest. Oh Global Warming.

Luckily it's been warm enough for the past few weeks that I finally got to wear my Whisper Cardigan!

I love this sweater. I fell in love with the pattern instantly, but as the knitting progressed I began to question the fit, shape, and overall style. But when I cast off and put it on, I knew it was a winner. I don't think I've ever worn my own knitting this much.
The yarn was a Valentine's Day present from my boss. It's Artful yarns fragrance, and is a wool alpaca blend. SO soft, drapes wonderfully, and is quite warm for such a small cardigan.

I made some pretty big modifications, the largest being a yarn with 16st/4inch which was a much larger gauge than the pattern called for. I cast on 60 stitches instead of 90 for the sleeves, and kind of fudged the rest. This did mean I had to pull out the entire body once, but I'm glad I got to use this yarn!

I also hemmed both sleeves by knitting them an inch longer, and inserting a purl turn row. You can see how they flare just the littlest bit, which I prefer over rolling.

I also began and ended every row of the body, which is plain stockinette, with 3 ribbed stitches, and increased after them. This gave it a nice, neat border that also doesn't roll.

And to finish? A crochet cast-off that makes the whole thing nice and tidy.

Overall, this pattern was a huge success. Easy-peasy, cute, comfortable, and so wearable! Once it stops snowing, I'll be wearing it everywhere.


Trina said...

Ooo wow, it looks gorgeous on you!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow - it looks fantastic! I'm making note of your mods so I can implement them when I make my own (though I do think I'll use a fingering-weight yarn).

Love the sleeves, especially!

Catherine said...

Thanks to both of you! I really love it and have been wearing it as often as possible.

If I make it again (and I probably will...) I'll use fingering weight yarn so it drapes more. I just loved that wool!