Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring into Spring

With Spring upon us and finals thankfully a memory of last week, here are some lovelies I managed to finish in between finals, and a mini road trip to Kentucky (more on that later).

First, some crocheted armwarmers, made from 100% recycled yarn and reclaimed buttons.

I really adore buttons. Really adore them. And I am head over heels for these little fellas.

Next are probably the most elegant pair of armwarmers I've ever made or seen, and they are PERFECT for spring. 100% acrylic (leftover from the Madeleine Tam), upcycled lace, and beads from my stash make a lovely combo.

So does the picot edging! it really turned these into something beautiful, rather than the original simple armwarmers I had planned.

Mmm, lace! The lace is girly, but the deep blue gives it a funky edge.

Flirtatious, funky, feminine, and all around awesome.

More on my rav page, and if you want these to be your very own, check them out on etsy!

I promise to blog more later this week. Next up, the whisper cardigan, and (hopefully) a sneak preview of the launch of a new etsy line/brainchild!

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Wildflower Studio (Michelle Dransart) said...

These are adorable!
Saw you on twitter and had to check out your blog!
Come visit my blog sometime!