About Me

Welcome to Skeins and Steins! From its conception in 2005 Skeins and Steins has been a hub for my creative endeavors and a way for me to reflect upon and share my hobbies, interests and passions. From my 2 rescue cats and 12 year old dog, to brewing beer in my kitchen, to starting an etsy store and working for a non-profit, this blog encompasses it all.

About Me: Fun Facts from the Skeins and Steins Household
  • I currently live in Chicago, in a historical 1920's Edgewater studio. My favorite part is the two walk-in closets and full kitchen. 
  • I have a 12 year old Wheaton Terrier named Morgana, and two rescue cats, Haruki Murakami Jr and All Ball. It's a hopping household.
  • I like dogs more than I like most people.
  • I've been knitting since age 6. I learned at the Chicago Waldorf School, where I now work full time.
  • I learned to brew beer after my then-boyfriend spent a year in Japan and became infatuated with imported microbrews. Going to school in Michigan meant we were surrounded by amazing breweries, and I have since gone to the Michigan Beer Festival every eyar. 
  • I received my first spinning wheel at age 12. It wasn't until age 22 I became infatuated with recycling wool and spinning plarn. 
  • I love my bike and am currently signed up for the Ride for Aids Chicago this summer.
  • I graduated with a degree in English Literature from Kalamazoo College. Among other things I am a feminist,a lover of English Literature, an entrepreneur, and very bossy. 
What I'm Doing Now
While I continue to search for that balance between career goals (go back to school? Work two jobs? Who knows?!) and life (boyfriend? friends? dogs? beer?) I knit and brew beer constantly. At any given time there are 3 projects on my knitting needles and a batch of beer on my stove. When my household reached Maximum Yarn Capacity I opened my etsy store Skeins and Steins  which features recycled yarns and eco-friendly knitting supplies and accessories.

Contact Me
If you are a fellow foodie/beer snob/fiber artist/liberal arts student/animal lover, or just want to say hi, I always love hearing from people.

email me at skeinsandsteins@gmail.com

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