Friday, February 27, 2009

Roo, meet your adoring public

A week ago on Wednesday we brought home the newest member of our little family. Our elderly cat, who we had been taking care of while her mom (and Eric's mom) recovered from cancer, had enough of our two-bedroom college apartment, and let us know by gaining a ton of weight, screaming incessantly, and becoming depressed.

I was depressed to see her go, but apparently she is much happier back with her mom, who is also happy to have her back in Lansing.

But there was a kitten shaped hole in my heart, so without more ado, I introduce...

From Winter 2009
The wonderful tabby-cat, Haruki Murakami, or "Roo".

He's a rescue kitten, and he couldn't be more loving or fun. Or cuter!
From Winter 2009
He also thought that my camera was the coolest toy ever, making most of the pictures blurry.

Roo was born in August, and lived in a garage with his brother until January. Luckily, before the temperature plummeted here in Michigan, the Kalamazoo Animal Rescue snatched him up, and placed him with a wonderful foster mom. And now he's in his forever-home, and we love him!
From Winter 2009


Hannah said...

AWWWWWW!!! too cute! I must come meet Roo!

Laiane said...

I feel the urge to squeal like a Japanese schoolgirl:


Oh, kittens! I lost my Gregor KafkaCat to cancer in December 2007, and that's when Aaron and Christopher came to live with us. It had been years since I had a kitten -- let alone TWO kittens -- in the house. They're such a handful!

Roo looks like a real sweetheart. I'm sure he will have you trained in no time flat.

Catherine said...


Gregor Kafkacat may be the cutest name ever, and I'm sorry to hear about him passing :( losing a pet is the hardest.

Kittens do soften the blow of most things though! Roo is pretty amazing...such a wonderful addition to the house!

Trina said...

Aww I want one!! Too bad i'm allergic :(

Anonymous said...

What a cute little beebee! I want ot kiss his tiny nose :-)