Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More housekeeping

I am so exciting. More housekeeping on the blog, because cleaning and organizing is all I want to do lately. I even spent a good chunk of time a few nights ago organizing the photos on my computer.

I need a life.

But, instead of a life, I have lots of knitting, and that's good enough for me! I have rewritten the Cabled Goodness Beret pattern, and also put that up as a free Ravelry download.*

Boy that pattern needed a lot of work! It was the first pattern I had ever written, but it was sloppy, and confusing. And yet people have knit it. I feel sorry for them!

I am much happier with it now that I spent the night tweaking, rewriting, and formatting. I'm sure there is still a mistake or two, but not such glaring ones as "Continue decreasing at each marker EOR until X stitches remain", which I kid you not, I somehow missed in the first draft of the pattern. Bad knitter! no cookie!

That's really all here. Surprisingly, I haven't had the urge to knit. The weather in London has been beautiful, and I've been spending my days running, reading, and feeding ducks. And, actually, finally doing some writing. Hopefully I'll soon have some knitting to report, but for now I am more than content to plop down with a good book, and some music.

The Ravelry download is here if you want to see the fruit of my housekeeping labours, and for those of you in the Midwest, please do stay warm. The weather reports look dreadful!

*Again, I am really sorry to the people who aren't on Ravelry yet. I am more than happy to email you the oh so purty PDF if you'd like! Just email me at, or leave a note in the comments.


Sarah B. said...

Bonjour, Cat! It's Sarah, the tap-dancing lesbian soprano. I'm pretty sure I'm going to need that *.pdf file, because I've been lurking around the internet looking for a good pattern, and I want as many options as possible (I'm on medical leave and I need something relaxing to do). I assume you still have my school address, and if you don't it's on my Facebook profile, because I'm a bit wary of posting it in case spambots find it. I can't wait 'til all the London kids come back!


Catherine said...

Sarah! Definitely. Do you have a ravelry page? If not, GET ONE. You'd love it. You have to sign up but they're sending out the invites pretty quickly. You will simply die at all the patterns up there.

Can't wait to see you! We get back in 7 weeks and I am going to have the cutest, coziest little apartment.