Saturday, February 02, 2008

Can't Stop

Holy mother of yarn, is it really February already? February 2nd, to boot, which means we're already about 1/14 the way through this thankfully short month?

Time is flying here in London.

I have about 7 weeks left before I head back to Michigan, and then I'll have just a short 9 days to spend with some friends and family, move in to a new apartment, and get ready to return to Kalamazoo College. That means I have about 8 weeks before Spring Quarter starts, and I am far from ready.

7 weeks is just enough time for the anxiety of returning to become a reality. I have lots to do! Paperwork to send, people to contact, plans to be made, and still while I'm here, books to be read, papers to be written, and most importantly, a list of things to see and do in this amazing city before I leave.

The last year has had a lot of ups and downs, and London has been a respite from them, but at the same time, being thousands of miles away from those you love during rough times is one of the hardest things I've dealt with while I was here. Financial problems, cancer diagnoses, depression, and my ever constant migraines have been a few of the things overshadowing my time here, and returning to it, while a relief in many ways, is also a scary thing.

And I just can't stop knitting. I've finished three different items since January began, cast on for two more, and find myself making substantial progress in this Japanese Feather and Fan shawl. (Since's a little scary how much I got done.) I'm halfway through the 2nd chart, and still going strong.

It's just been me, my music, and my knitting for the last few days, at least when I'm not wandering around London. I've downloaded Wuthering Heights from Librovix, and seem to have seem some sort of zen knitting state. All I want to do is knit and relax. Knitting seems to be the only way I can relax.

My third FO of January? This little hat, hopefully destined for my sister. I'm calling it
Madeleine Tam. I'll have more about it later, but for now it is just resting on my desk while I continue to work away at my zen shawl.


Floderten said...

Hi! I found your entry through Ravelry.. I think I want to make this shawl too, but the charts are confusing me a bit. Do I start from the bottom or from the top? I'm guessing it's right to left, but do you just repeat what's in the box again and again?

Thanks so much, I hope it's no trouble. :)

Trine xx

Catherine said...

Hey Trine,

As far as reading the charts, start at the bottom. Work from right to left. When you get to the left-hand side of the chart, that will be the middle. I put a marker. Knit 1 (the center stitch) and then work the chart going the other way (so left to right, same row). You'll have to reverse the decreases though, so if it says ssk, make sure you k2tog.

I hope that makes sense! The designer is on Ravelry too. She might have a better answer, if this is confusing.

Good luck. It's really fun once you get into it.