Monday, January 28, 2008

"In Clover" Cabled Mitts

I put up a new pattern on Ravelry last night, a pair of cabled handwarmers that I'd been working on. They were a quick knit, with the leftover Sirdar Denim from my cabled tunic. (Hmm, cables and denim. I'm sensing a theme.) I quite love these little mitts, and am currently torn as to whether to keep them, or send to a friend who I promised handwarmers a while ago.

These mitts have 7 cables starting at the wrist that are staggered, like steps. Each cable is a bit longer, until a graceful triangle of cables is made. The edge is finished with a row of small, delicate twists and a double crochet bind off. Overall quite simple, but very lovely.

I know many people think the idea of handwarmers, armwarmers, and fingerless gloves in general is quite stupid, and I can see where they're coming from. But I am a person who gets cold a lot. I am also a person who loves to spend time outside, and hates having to take off gloves to answer the phone, open my wallet, etc.

This is why I've had a long love affair with fingerless gloves of all sorts. That, and I think they look cool! And once again, the Sirdar Denim is awesome to work with. I love the color so much! And the weight of the yarn is perfect for a little project like this!

There's not much more to say about a little project like this, but yet it is these little projects and quick knits that I really enjoy. Hats, scarves, mittens, handwarmers, you name it. Call me accessory girl.

  • Unlike the sweater, I used size 5 dpns. It's a little bit firmer fabric, which I liked for this project.
  • Like I said, this was a great stashbuster. I used just one leftover ball of the Sirdar Denim, and I'd venture to guess it was about 50 grams. Not much yarn at all!
  • If I were to knit them again, I might make the thumb gusset a bit smaller. It fits well, but if it stretches, I'll have some cold thumbs and some baggy gussets!

Please do go check out the pattern on Ravelry! I'm loving the free PDF downloads as it gives those of us who are less than technologically brilliant a chance to share our work.

Oh, and the name? Well, I'd wanted to call these little beauties "Cozy Cabled Mitts", but a quick search on Ravelry told me I wasn't the first to think that was a cute name. I ended up going for "In Clover" because of the beautiful, cozy images it conjures, of springtime, happiness, plenty, and of overall comfort! I wish I were lying in some clover now! And of course, if you happen to find that four leafed clover, you'll be even luckier.


Amanda said...

I hope London is treating you well. I'm so jealous. what I wouldn't give to be back there... oh well. you're not missing much in Michigan, but it's raining in Albion now. two days ago it was about 20, and tomorrows supposed to be cold too. oh my... enjoy London!
Happy knitting!

Catherine said...

I'm really glad to not be in the Midwest right now! The London weather is positively beautiful, which is something I was not expecting mid-winter!

But at least a blustery winter is a good excuse for lots and lots of warm knitting.