Monday, January 21, 2008

Denim Deja -Vous

Back in October, when I attended the Knitting and Stitching show at Alexandra Palace, I snagged an entire bag of Sirdar denim. Since then, it has been a roller coaster ride of lovely blue cotton, and I have yet to reach the end. (Although at certain points, I have been quite naseated and even frightened.)

At first I wanted a regent-style, Austen-esque sweater. (Insert *what was she thinking* here.) After knitting the whoooole thing, I realized a drapy, empire waist sweater in DK weight cotton was actually insanity. I still maintain that it was the English weather that made me pull a King Lear, and no fault of my own.

And, through it all, over the past 3 months, through Saga Sweater and Final Paper, I have wondered what to do. I sucked it up and frogged the Austen disaster a few weeks ago, then swatched and doodled, and generally decided I hated this yarn and wanted to throw it out the window. I started about 3 separate sweaters, and all of them shared the same fate as the first, misguided attempt.

Now though, I think I might be getting somewhere. I scrapped originality, designing, and having a goal. Those were not helping. I cast on for a top-down raglan, and started knitting. Three days later, I have what appears to resemble a sweater. It fits. It's progressing. I hardly know what to do with myself!

This sweater, if it continues to fly off the needles as wonderfully as it has been, will be a wonderful Spring piece. The denim is so nice and casual, but I think the cables add a little bit of flair, just enough to make it not boring. I'm not sure how long it should be, or what to do about the sleeves. That's the beauty of not planning though, ain't it.

Happy knitting everyone. I hope winter isn't being too hard! The weather in London has been so mild I forget what a real Chicago (or Michigan winter) is like. Yesterday my parents didn't have heat, and a friend called saying he had 15 cm of snow at his University. (Times like this, I love London weather!)

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