Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Denim Double Duty

I like my denim yarn. A whole lot. And contrary to what the manufacturers said, the indigo dye is not rubbing off on my hands. Just another reason to love it!

I've been working on a sweater of my own design out of the Sirdar denim (indigo DK) that I picked up at the Knitting and Stitching festival a few weeks back. I'm almost done, I suppose, but it still feels like a time consuming, huge project.

A few pictures to whet your palette and make me feel like the sweater will be worn in the future:
Here you see a bodice/vest type thing. Unfortunately the light in my room is too terrible to allow you to see the brocade pattern, the small diamonds that make it up, or the picot edging. Very much a teaser.

Another (albeit more detailed) teaser. The first picot edging I've ever done, and I'm quite enamored of it.

This sweater is clipping along at nice rate. A few episodes of Buffy tonight and I might have something real to show very soon.

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