Friday, January 25, 2008

Rollin', rollin'...rollin' with the sweater

First, my amusing University anecdote, which has little to do with the fact that I am at Uni, but more with the fact that I am at this Uni.

Walking across New Cross Road the other day, (the main road by my flat), I caught the eye of a girl who looked incredibly familiar. So familiar that I nearly stopped in the road, to say hi. I caught myself, thinking "there is no way that is Jane!* I must be going insane.**"

Two days later, I get a facebook message from the aforementioned Jane, along the lines of "Saw you walking across New Cross Rd. yesterday...I'm at Goldsmiths!"

So yah...small world? I think so.

But now to the good stuff, the stuff that knitters dreams are made of. A sweater that behaves, and seems to nearly knit itself. That's what I'm talking about folks! After I frogged the Sirdar denim yarn about a gazillion times I was beginning to lose faith in the whole thing, and beginning to get quite bored of it.

But, (sadly) I do not have the funds to buy more yarn right now, or the room for it, and as I only have 8 more weeks in London, I really don't want to be shipping yarn back to the United States. I'm saving those boxes for more important things, like all the books I have acquired. ***

I let this sweater speak for itself. And I am always amazed at what you can produce when you throw plans out the window and just roll with it! A few increases here, some cables here, and voila! A sweater! I was so thrilled to be producing a fabric with the Sirdar denim that I didn't hate that I didn't really put much thought into the process. I started a top down raglan, and just let 'er rip!

What I ended up was a tunic-length sweater with cables starting right below the bust, and loose 3/4 length sleeves. I really love the detail of the sweater, as simple as it is. The cables are over 4 stitches, so they are quite small, and make the sweater really hug my curves (even the ones I'd like to hide...). It has sort of a Grecian flair to it that I love, and I am excited for Spring to come, because I think the denim will be a lovely spring-time sweater.

The sweater still needs to be blocked, and I want to get some "action shots" for y'all, but I couldn't help but share the loveliness! Even if it does clash like something else against that blanket! ****

*Girl I had European History with in high school...seems like ages ago. Oh,I am getting so old!
** I keep thinking I see people I know. 99.9% of the time I'm completely wrong.
***I may or may not have broken down in Waterstones, and bought "Songs of Innocence and Experience by William Blake. In my defense, it has his original etched illustrations, and Blake is one of my favorite poets. So there.

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