Friday, October 26, 2007

Long Overdue

Well, color me sporadic and spear me with a size 00 dpn.

I've been meaning to blog for two weeks now, every since Justine and I went to the Knitting and Stitching show at Alexandra Palace, in North London.

This was my first time at any sort of major crafting or fiber event. I've never had the funds or time to go to the big ones in the U.S. like Rhinebeck (Although hopefully next year will be different!) but as soon as I heard about the show at Alexandra Palace I knew I couldn't resist. Unlike back at home, it was only an hour's tube ride away, rather than an inter-state drive.

So off we went. Let the illustrated journey commence, complete with a yarn mosh pit, Peter Rabbit, and other delectable images.

1. Justine and I arrive at Alexandra Palace and are overwhelmed with its beauty. I grudgingly fork over the 11 quid entry fee, because let's not forget, I am a college student living in London. (Let us also not forget the monstrosity that is the exchange rate. Britain's currency is doing very well right now. Good for you Britain, good for you.)

2. They had quilts. Historical quilts if you will. Lovely, amazing, inspiring quilts that caused me to lose grasp of the English language and babble like an idiot.

See? a;sleiu;rliaus; pretty.

Possibly a coronation carriage. But look at the detail!

A collapsing bridge (if you can't see the text). Seriously, who thinks of these things?

OMGSOCUTE. See? Blabbering idiot. But I have a special place in my heart for Peter Rabbit. and bunnies in general.

3. We wander around. There is yarn. Lots of yarn. And other random stuff. This was one of my favorite exhibits.

The cause?

4. The crowning moment for me was the only vendor from whom I bought yarn. I can't even remember the name or anything. I was too distracted by this:

Sorry for the blurriness of the picture. It's hard to focus when you're in a MOSH PIT OF YARN.

For real people. This yarn pile was truly inspiring. All decent yarn (a lot of Rowan which is more than decent! Jaeger! Other lovelies!) packaged in 8-10 skein bags. And they were literally being thrown into a pile. I have never seen such madness. Knitters at feeding time it was. I managed to elbow my way in there (Justine is small. I had to sacrifice her, erm, get her to go into the pile for me) and I emerged triumphant. I bought a bag of Sirdar Indigo Denim yarn, which is now metamorphosing into a sweater.

5. Dizzy, fatigued, but content with our small but wonderful purchases J and I stumbled back home. I am all in all quite content!


Laiane said...

Have I mentioned lately how green with jealousy I am? I'm dying to get to London, and that expo sounded fabulous! Mosh Pit of Yarn? Love it.

Catherine said...

London is a great city, albeit rainy and grey, just like you'd expect. I hope you can make it here at some point, there's so much to see and do!

And well, all that yarn was just about too good to be true.