Thursday, December 06, 2007

Christmas Knitting- Let's wrap it all up!

Since I am pretty much an archetype for "broke college student living in London", Christmas has been on the cheap side this year. Which is fine, because I enjoy crafting much more than buying, and I am always looking for ingenious and inexpensive gifts to give to people. Hence the felted soaps I am giving to grandmas, aunts, and other loved women, and the knitted gifts for my uncle, father, and grandmother.

Then came the question of wrapping, which honestly, I have never stewed over before in my life. Being the daughter of a Martha Stewart devotee, previous Christmases have been a flurry of paper, scissors, and curling ribbon as far as the eye can see. One could also say I am a bit obsessed with presentation, whether food, gift, or just my life in general. (This rule does not apply to my wardrobe. I have been wearing the same pair of jeans for 4 days. mmm, all nice and broken in.)

But, the fact that I don't want to waste money on a whole roll of wrapping paper for about 3 gifts made me think, no pun intended, outside the box. And then I started thinking about the bags of wrapping paper we throw away every year, and how environmentally irresponsible that is. I mean really, it just started to seem wasteful. Armed with that mentality I scoured my room.

It's amazing what some newspaper, copier paper, and a pen will get you. I mean, it ain't fancy, ritzy, and it certainly wouldn't meet my mother's standards, but for this broke, London-living college student, I'd say I've done quite well. *Dusts off hands.*

In other news, I am working on the yoke of my dad's sweater. It's gone quite fast! You know, if you don't take into consideration that I had to rip it out several times, make a special trip to Liberty's to buy the damn Rowan, and bankrupt my soul frogging the last disaster of a sweater. Yes, it's going swimmingly.

And with all that delicious blue, you almost could swim in it! I'm hoping I can somehow get it done by the end of the weekend, and have all my gifts in the mail by Monday. But, my best friend is on a plane right now, headed from Madrid to Jolly Ole England. I doubt we'll have much downtime, so wish me luck on getting this damn thing done!

Good luck on Christmas Knitting everyone! Remember, it's supposed to be fun. Or something like that.

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