Friday, September 21, 2007

Less than two days and I'm insane?

Oh, the cuteness.

What a day. I had a burst of energy (from goodness knows where) and finished packing (for the most part), started cleaning, and in a moment of true insanity decided it was imperative to make (and finish) Christmas presents for the Grandmothers and family friends.

(Don't panic, it's not time to start Christmas shopping. I just didn't want to have to ship things back to the States. I'm leaving them all here, boxed and labeled, so my parents can ship them out around December.)

The wonders of the internet had, in recent days, brought me to two great sites. The first not only inspired me, but provided a wonderful tutorial on how to make felted bars of soap. Six have been made. The second (as well as many great projects on Craftster) lent itself to little soap-carrying bags.

This may sound like a silly present: Felted soap bars in fused plastic bags? But I took the risk and could not be more thrilled. They are so cute! Just look!

Six little piggies to wash you...

Six little recycled bags...

And a whole lotta cute...

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