Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Knitting - Keep on trecking...

Almost there people, almost there!

In 4 days I leave for a weekend in Bath, for some sightseeing and some hardcore Jane Austen worshiping.

In 8 days I leave for Japan! For Christmas! With my boyfriend! I am so excited. So, so, so excited.

In 16 days I leave for Madrid, from where I will go to Venice. I am so excited.

I am also, as a result of this, so broke. But, isn't traveling on the cheap what Study Abroad is supposed to be about? (Say yes...)

With the upcoming travels, I only have one chore left. That is, to ship my presents. Because, I finished my dad's sweater! It's happily blocking on the floor, taking it's sweet time to dry. But that's okay, because it's done. I am so relieved! I just really hope it fits, since I had no one to try it on. (Oh the woes of living alone.)

Hopefully by tomorrow afternoon it will be dry enough to properly photograph, then wrap up and ship. Whoohoo!

The finishing of the sweater also meant that I could get back to my own knitting.

I've loved this pattern for a long time, yet I can't remember what it's called. Some variation on a log cabin, I suppose. So, I made it up! (Which, I think you can tell). It's a bit uneven, the squares are not perfect, and there are many mistakes. But I had fun! I just knit a square, and started adding short row triangles to the sides. For my purposes, it works. This is square 3 of my super secret project, which I now have time to work on!

Sorry for the short post. I'm fighting off a migraine, so I think I'm headed back to my cozy bed, with a cup of tea.


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