Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring into Spring with yarn

A few weeks ago I had spring fever in a major way. I started making insane claims like "I will spin ten skeins of recycled yarn today," and "I will list all these skeins of yarn on Etsy before bed," or "I will do all my laundry, walk the dogs, and then rewrite all my Etsy listings.

But you know what? I got it all done. The last few weeks have been an illuminating experience. As the weather warmed up, the ground thawed into a soggy, disgusting mess. Birds took to the trees, cheering me on. And I sat, and spun. Got home from work and spun. Watched TV and spun. Talked on the phone and spun. In two weeks I've gone from a huge box of sweaters and balls of yarn, a tangle of odds and ends and a daunting list of skeins to ply to a small milk carton of balls and a shelf that at last count held approximately 30 skeins of plied, recycled yarn.

Excuse that thumping sound, it's just me patting myself on the back.

In all seriousness, it feels great to be nearing what seemed like such a ridiculous goal. In another day or two I'll have spun and plied my entire upcycled yarn stash, and by the week the whole shelf will be listed on Etsy, destined for new homes as hats and scarves and stylish handknit accessories. The gigantic pile of yarn that has haunted me all winter will be transformed.

I feel like an alchemist. Give me an ugly, 80's sweater with too many bobbles, and I'll give you this:
A smorgasbord of color; wool, acrylic, silk and cotton plied together artfully and to the tune of cheery birds and Disney-like dancing animals. This is how I feel. 

What are you doing to welcome in this spring? Cleaning your house? Airing out your stash? Shaving your dog and spinning the fiber? (this thought has seriously crossed my mind...)

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