Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Oh, Say, Can You See?

There are a lot of things I miss now that I live in the middle of nowhere. Most of them are food and beer related. I miss Uncommon Ground and their $4 Craft Beer night, their live bluegrass, and amazing appetizers. I miss Ethiopian Food in a way that is causing serious withdrawal. And I miss the beer selection at my local store. I miss a lot of things.

But one thing that continues to take my breathe away out here is the animals that pop up when you least expect it. Turning into the horse farm where I ride and seeing the yearlings racing through a field is inspiring. Nearly running over a pack of 40 wild turkeys on the way home from work is epic and memorable.

Seeing bald eagles continues to be a blessing. The amazing bird is certainly a rarity, and practically a myth when you grow up in Chicago. Seeing these huge predatory birds still amazes me: i'll pull over the car to watch them circle, or sit outside at night looking for them in the trees.
Well, I have a new neighbor. I'll let the pictures do the talking: 

It doesn't get more picturesque than that, does it?

Now I'm off to vaccuum up 4 tons of Asian Lady Beetles, feed the squawking sparrows, and hope that crazed opposum doesn't sit on my porch all night and peer in at me.

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