Sunday, December 13, 2009

the Christmas Parade

The Christmas parade this year is not anything like last years, when I knit EVERYONE fantastic sweaters and blankets and amazingness, and was clearly occupie by some freak knitting spirit.

Last year--no joke--I started my Christmas knitting in January with the cozy shawl for my grandma Jean and this Japanese Feather and Fan shawl for my maternal grandmother. Last year I clearly had too much time on my hands.

Or something. (not that I'm bitter).

This year, however, Christmas seems right around the corner and I currently have 3 UFOs sitting next to my armchair, several more hanks of yarn stashed in the corner next to my snowboots, waiting to become a scarf, and a coupon/IOU for another sweater. This year things are not going to be quite as industrious.

Sorry, family, Santa's Little Helper is taking the year off. you're all lucky you're not getting gift certificates to Wal-Mart at this point!

But, the knitting IS coming along and quite well. Season 7 of Buffy sees this little helper being quite busy, even if she is very behind. The Christmas Parade of presents is as follows:

A crazy cool scarf

Another crazy and cool scarf

A warm, cozy, and yummy sweater in recycled yarn


And there, I draw the line. The rest of you are getting t-shirts.

Keep knitting, everyone. The end is near!

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