Saturday, January 30, 2010

I've Got the January Blues

Hey folks, know what's a riot?

-15 windchill. Love it. So cold I can't feel my feet in the car, or my fingers when I'm walking the dogs. So cold horseback riding has been canceled for two weeks in a row! So cold  I'm fairly convinced that Illinois fell asleep one night and woke up in the tundra!

Rawr. I am a penguin. Maybe like this little guy: 

In all seriousness, I've got a bad case of winter fever which is why I've been lying low lately. I haven't been inspired to haul my ass to work in the morning, much less write! However, that cabin fever is getting to a point that if I don't break out of the cabin I may end up becoming a little insane.

Courtesy of winter in the Midwest!

Luckily winter leaves much time for knitting, couching,and cuddling. Most nights find me cuddled on the couch with the two dogs and two cats draped creatively over me. There are certainly worse things!

I'm a little ashamed to say I'm still finishing my "Christmas" knitting. It's turned into New Years knitting, and may soon become Valentines Day Knitting! But, my recipients are generous in their waiting and little by little the gifts are growing.

The Binary Scarf in particular is one of my favorite projects to date. Maybe it's because as I age I embrace my geekiness more and more, or maybe it's the incredible satisfaction all the little carefully knit 1s and 0s line up, making a perfectionist giddy with glee.

It's also taking me a damn long time to work on this scarf! Since it's knit in the round it's taking twice as long as it would if it were knit flat. However, knitting it in the round is infinitely quicker than double knitting, at least for me! I shudder to think how slowly I'd be going if this scarf were double knit rather than knit in the round.

I'm also using Worsted Weight wool on size 5(US) needles for this project. I knit loosely, so for most people that might be like using size 4's. The pattern is coming out beautiful, and the fabric is dense while still having a nice drape. The whole thing is turning out quite well -- it's just slow! 

Now I'm back to that puppy pileup on the couch! I've got my knitting, my beer, and my animals. Bring on the Friday movie watching!

happy weekend to all!

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