Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another Great Thrift Store Find

I haven't been spending a lot of time online lately, or had a lot of time to take pictures and write. So, while I am halfway done with my butterfly dress, pictures will have to wait for another (and sunnier) day!

This weekend may be the busiest and most important weekend in a long time, and I am beginning to get stressed out. It also doesn't help that I want this damn dress finished, so I am going back and forth between massive amounts of work, and massive amounts of singing.

Right now it's looking like this:

  • Friday Night; Keynote speaker for the annual Hillberry symposium, the symposium of English Department theses
  • Saturday morning, 11-12:30: emergency rehearsal for Bach Choir. Our concert is may 9th and due to a conflict with the hired concertmaster we had to program another song to fill time. We got it 3 weeks ago!
  • Saturday afternoon 1:00-4:30: The Symposium! My presentation is at 1:45, and is called "Lesser culture, silenced voices: how the Gothic novel became a tool of female subversion"
  • 4:30-7. Young Vocalist Competition Winners Concert and reception. Singing!
  • 7:30- Fancy dinner for the English majors
  • Sunday morning- Go out to breakfast with my mom for her birthday
  • Sunday at 3:00 MY FREAKING RECITAL!
  • Sunday at 5:00 go to Bells and RELAX.
Okay, I just started to hyperventilate a little bit while writing that. So moving on...(must start knitting!)

Last week , when Eric and I were thrift shopping on a rainy Monday afternoon we found what may have been the best thrift find ever.

A Fuji women's roadbike, in nearly perfect shape. The seat is brand new, as is the chain. Ditto brand new brake pads, and wonderfully working breaks. Having just put a new chain on my other Trek hybrid bike, I know they are not cheap. Neither are seats.

So imagine my amazement and delight when this bike was priced for...
...$30. How could I not buy it? I am loving having it--it's fast, light, and like I said, in great shape. Whoever had this bike before took wonderful care of it, and I feel so lucky to be its next owner!

Now if only it would stop raining so I could go riding! I guess I really should be writing my thesis presentation...ugh.


Trina said...

I tagged you in a meme! I hope you can reply :)

Sarah said...

What a great find, I am so jealous. It is nice to see another thrifting/crafting blog out there.