Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Oh Dear Abandoned Store...

Please forgive me dear Etsy! After a few great months, and nearly 20 seamless and wonderful sales I really let the ball drop.

I stopped listing Etsy items because I didn't have time. I stopped Tweeting and blogging and talking because I was so stressed out about school and singing. And I stopped even thinking about my poor little store!

Of course, it reflected. My hits went from 150+ a day to about 5 overnight (amazing how that can happen), and I haven't had a sale in weeks. But, now that school is winding down I have two main focuses: getting a job (only sort of a big goal) and taking care of my little etsy store!

Finally, while I'm enjoying a cup of tea in the late light of the evening, I got around to listing some new items:

Some really lovely Tee Shirt yarn...

and some really great silk/acrylic recycled wool. It's a really wonderful, high quality acrylic so this yarn would be perfect for someone with a wool allergy who couldn't buy my other silk blends.
It feels good to be back on this particular horse!

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