Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lights, Camera, Action!

Phew! Two posts in one day? I really have been a busy little bee today. It's exhausting.

Yesterday, I went to a cute little Organic cafe in Greenwich, and wrote and read for several hours, and after that went to see Sweeney Todd. And what made the evening even better was that I was able to wear my finished tunic/sweater! Definitely loving this FO.

It still needs to be washed, so that it can shrink a bit. (The Sirdar denim is supposed to shrink about 10% when washed). I'm contemplating throwing it in the washing machine tomorrow,but the thought of all those beautiful cables and delicate picot edging getting abused in a front load washer makes me cringe!

How long did this take me? Maybe 4 or 5 days? It was incredibly quick, especially considering how long it turned out, and how many cables there are! But when you think about it, it's a simple shape, simple cables, and minimum shaping.

I've really been returning to a "less is more" mindset lately, and I think it's not only reflected in my life, but in my knitting as well. I want to knit small, simple things, and give them to people. It's been the process that I enjoy: I've spent the last few days simply lost in my knitting. I'll put on music and pick on my needles, and two hours later look down to see how much time has flown by. It's a nice feeling to have, and I am glad to have reclaimed it. I find simplicity so easy to lose these days, whether in my knitting, or my life.

You have to promise me you'll ignore the wacky look on my tired face, or my crazy hair, and just focus on the knitting! Promise?

Okay. Specs for the project...

  • I think it took about 7 balls of Sirdar Indigo Pure Cotton Denim DK to finish this baby. It's such a relief to have it all knit up.I can't wait to see how it wears.
  • Knit on US size 6 Denise interchangeable needles. I know some people hate them, but I have quite a fondness for them. They're so convenient, especially when one's room is the size of a porthole.
  • Started as a v-neck top down raglan. The cables start right under the bustline, and continue down the body. I split the tunic after about several inches, and knit the front and back flat for a few more inches.
  • The sleeves are simple and loose, but each has a cabled inlay on it. Very cute, and quite possibly my favorite part. I'm putting another picture of it up, I love it so much!

Now, a question. Please help! What would you call these darling mitts, knit out of the leftover Sirdar Denim? Someone on Craftster had the great idea to call them "Cozy Cabled Mitts" but that name is taken. (A tear has been shed. It was so perfect!)

My creative juices are not flowing today. Any ideas?


Clara Clovenhoove said...

How about "Twisted Sisters"? :-)

Both items turned out absolutely adorably. When can we buy the pattern?

I want, I want!

Catherine said...


Thanks so much! :)

The pattern for the mitts is up on Ravelry as a free download (link in the sidebar). I do love Ravelry!

I didn't write up a pattern for the tunic, but I may do so in the near future!