Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Knitting- Under the Tree

It's all done. Today I paid a truly painful sum of money to have my presents shipped back to the United States, but I can't complain because it's done! Now all I have to do is knit, read, and sleep for the next few days, before my travels begin.

Can't complain there can I?

As you can see, my dad's sweater, which I suppose needs a name, is also done. Finito, as they say in Italy.

Forgive the craptastic photo. You know how it is.

I am really pleased with the way this sweater came out. Rowan wool is a dream to work with - all squishy and warm and fuzzy. Apart from the time crunch, I was practically squealing with delight while I knit this.

The durrow cable pattern from Girl From Auntie is a wonderful design, and definitely my favorite part of the sweater. It should be across the chest, but since I am much smaller than my father, it sort of falls below my boobs. Imagine it's up a few inches.

The sweater itself was ridiculously easy to make. The body was knit on size 7 (US that is) Denise interchangeable needles, and the sleeves on clover DPN's, my personal favorite. I'm a big fan of bamboo, and use it whenever I can.

This sweater is also good for jumping on the bed, as you can see.

I am truly surprised that this has been such a low stress Christmas season. I thought that I would be running around London, cursing the weak dollar as I elbowed my way down Oxford Street. Instead, I have been knitting contently and gorging myself on Steak and Guinness pies.

Part of it has to be the fact that I really stuck to small gifts this year, a few pairs of earrings for one sister, a scarf for the other, and part of it has to lie in the presents I finished in August. Whatever it was, I am going to remember this and hopefully apply it next year!

I hope everyone else is doing okay on their holiday knitting. If you do not celebrate Christmas, or have not decided it's a good idea to knit for everyone you've ever met, then you are probably laughing at me and all the other crazed knitters. Humph.

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