Monday, October 15, 2007

Take Action

Today is Blog Action Day.

Today is a day when writers, bloggers, and readers from around the world unite for a common cause, the world we live in, the environment, and our responsibility.

Knitters are a versatile lot. Ravelry illustrates this quite well - knitters are concerned with the world around them, constantly trying to help and change. How many times have you been amazed by the amount of money knitters donated to a worthy cause, or gasped at just how many handknit items were churned out to meet a deadline? Knitters care.

I've been thrilled to note a rise in concern about "organic knitting", eco-friendly yarns, and ways in which we can mesh our infatuation with fiber with our concern about the environment. Groups on Ravelry like Greencraft are doing a good job of combining the two, and I have run across countless sources regarding eco-friendly yarn, yarn production, and other environment al questions.

What can we do as knitters? Keep knitting, I suppose. Keep supporting those organizations we care about, from the big knit project from Innocent drinks, to the Red Sweater Project. And keep asking questions. Where did this yarn come from? Was it locally produced? How was it produced? What chemicals were used to make it?
(Sari favorite)

And remember, if you keep in mind that acrylic is a petroleum product, it's just another excuse to buy nice fancy natural fibers. Like bamboo. Or hemp. Oh, the list goes on.

Just for fun, these are the environmentally minded blogs I frequent the most - whether for craft tips, general knowledge, or just a laugh.

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...and of course, countless more gems.

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