Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It's the Little Things

It's been really great being back in Chicago for a while. I love this city, and one of my oldest friends , Sophie, has been accompanying on all my silly adventures. We go to fabric stores and health food stores. We search for buttons, we buy reusable bags. She's my biggest ally when it comes to changing our lifestyles to be more environmentally friendly (besides Eric of course).

And in my adventures, I was thrilled when I saw this sign:

Because, I really do think it's the little things that count. You (unfortunately) cannot ask a train full of people to carry the morning paper to their office, find the recycling bin, and toss it out. It isn't a stretch though to ask them to choose the container next to the trash can solely for this purpose. And I'm thrilled big companies like the Tribune and the CTA are taking on this issue. (Chicago has also instated solar powered trash compactors along the Magnificent Mile, and cops on bikes or horses are the norm. It's great.)


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