Tuesday, September 11, 2007

If you're looking for knitting, keep moving.

My laptop is still missing in action. But, many (many, many) calls to Best Buy yielded the information that it is in fact done, but needs to be shipped back to Evanston. I'm hoping for tomorrow...

Because then I will be able to blog properly, and recount the adventures of the Cabled Riding Jacket in full. Friends, after a very long time, it is completely and utterly finished. Buttons, blocking and all. Just in time, too! I leave on Saturday, and I'm sure I'll get a lot of wear out of it.

Other things have been happening at Chez Catherine too. Mystery Stole? Done. (still have to sew in the ends, but blocking it is what led to my computer mishap, so we were not on the best of terms after that.)
Just a glimpse at the wing
Cooking (mostly inspired by the beautiful food my mother keeps getting from the farmer's market) has also been in high order. After 21 years of being banned from kitchens and living in fear of ovens, skillets and their black magic, I seem to have been bitten by the cooking bug. It's a bit overdue if you ask me! As we speak, a loaf of oatmeal walnut bread rises in the oven, a mountain of kale awaits steaming, and a cornucopia of fresh vegetables sits destined for a frittata.

And packing. Always packing. Slowly but surely my "London List" is getting shorter. Eye doctor? Done. Visa? Obtained. Tuition paid, banking (for the most part) squared away. In a word, I am set. Except, of course, for the mountain of clothes in the living room.

But since I have little to say (and seem to have done less), I leave you with some eye candy on this beautiful Sunday afternoon. (At least I think it's Sunday. It's definitely afternoon.)

(I just couldn't resist a picture of the puppies. Forgive me.)
Until next time,


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