Wednesday, September 19, 2007

4 days, and I'm bored

Anyone getting sick of the environmental slant Skeins and Steins has taken on? Too bad. I'm a beer drinking hippie, who knits mesh bags and rides her bike. C'est la vie.

If you're not too sick of every celebrity/blogger/check out clerk/teacher telling you to "go green," watch this video. I got a kick out of it, you might too.

And, my camera cord has been packed in to the neverending bag o'doom that is my stuff. I'll have to repack (my bag is 9 lbs too heavy) but that might not be until tomorrow. It's all fun and games over here, ain't it?

I am excited though. Emails are whizzing, trips are being planned. Most notably I will be reunited with a friend I have not seen in two years. We have yet to live in the same country: I was in Chicago and he was in Canada, then I was in Michigan and he was in Argentina. Now, by a stroke of luck, we will both be in the UK. (He's studying at the University of Leeds). I simply cannot wait to see him again!


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