Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas. It's been too long.

Break is almost over, thankfully. It's a weird time of year for me - I love Christmas and cannot imagine being anywhere but Chicago for the season. But being home is another story, and this month has been an emotional and financial rollercoaster for me. Three days from now I'll be in Lansing with the boyfriend, and in about a week I'll be back at K. To think Kalamazoo College is home is a strange thought, but it is.

Last quarter saw a series of events that were both fruitful and exciting. The first was our production of "The Secret Garden". Hannah and Justine were in the pit, I played Lily and wore a dress that made me look like Barbie. Really, Barbie. I'll admit though, it was kind of fun.

The more relevent happening was our finally organizing a Stitch 'n Bitch at K. Even by word of mouth we had a regular group of about 10 people, and many more that dropped in. Our goal and mission statement of the cleverly named "Kalamazoo College Knitters" is to knit for the local women's shelter, the only one in Kalamazoo. Even with the stress of the musical, finals, study abroad applications, and life in general, we ended up with some beautiful things.

This hat is one of my favorites. All the yarn we use is donated, save for a few things purchased with our StuComm budget. This one is Woolease and some unknown stuff (the blue). The button is out of my collection, and the hat is of my own design.
There will be plenty more in 2007! Justine promises to make a k website, where I will upload all the pictures of Melissa modeling hats and scarves.

As soon as I get to Lansing and settle down, I'll recap Christmas. I'll admit, I came nowhere close to finishing my dad's sweater. Not even close.


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