Friday, December 08, 2006

IYOR and my pumpkin

So, since we haven't updated this blog for like ummm 6 months, I thought that I would post. Just for the fun of it! Yea! So IYOR is finally done, and I'm glad of that. In fact, I'm going to give it to my 2nd cousin Adian in 3 days! wow! ye-ya!
I'll have to post a picture of Adian and IYOR, maybe even the scarf too! (IYOR stands for ivory, yellow, orange and red, because that are the colors of the blanket).

So, pumpkin is coming along nicely, I've successfully casted on 356 stiches, and done 3 rows of k3 p3! only like a million more rows to go! yea. I'll update more later, it might be like when I'm back in Detroit, but you never know. :) okays.

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Catherine said...

Wow! Beautiful, just beautiful.