Friday, July 07, 2006

Isn't this supposed to be a vacation?

Good thing Blogger saved our password, because it's been so long, i've forgotten it. Feel free to email it to me girls. Knowing me, my computer will crash and I won't even be able to check my email, since its probably a DIFFERENT password for that.

I digress...out of shame and guilt, and laziness, I am here, with one, yes only one, picture. This is not because i'm not, its because i have no pictures of my lovely FO's. Yet. I promise i will! soon!

But on my precious time off, time not spent slaving away at The Restaurant, here's what I did!

Ooh! Pretty! How unlike me are these colors? This is from that massive stash of CottonEase I aquired when Michael's had a huge sale...much to the chagrine of my wallet. Yes, i have enough blue CottonEase to make a blanket.

I promise...there is more to come. Tonight even!

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