Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Um, we suck.

Really, we do. I blame Winter '06, AKA the quarter from hell... and I say that for so many reasons. I think the catchword can be "Drama", Catherine, Hannah, do you agree with me on this one?

Plus, I kind of got tendonitis so the knitting was out. Seriously, it sucked. Wait, scratch that, it sucks. Because it's totally still here, but you know what, that's okay, because I kind of have to keep working on this and finish it by June 3, which is when my sister's baby shower is... It'll be made out of Rowan Cashsoft DK, and I totally kinda started it like, somewhere around March 16 or something, but whatever.

Although right now it's been kinda abandoned because of, well... Catherine, Hannah, and I went to yarn stores 7 times in the last week, if you count each time for each person separately and put them all together- okay, you guys probably get the concept. I may or may not have bought a thingy of Cascade 220 in green so I can make Cranbrook gloves with the matching thingy of 220 in light blue. And I may or may not have bought X-TREME asian yarn to make a lace scarf. And I may or may not have.... okay, I got nothing left.

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