Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Return of the Dead (college students)

My dear Hannah and Justine
So maybe I've been conspicously absent for a while. But don't worry. I come bearing excuses.
Maybe its because of the shitload of reading I have these days. Seriously, classical mythology is not all its cracked up to be. Lectures, lectures, and abstract thought, compounded by A LOT of reading.

Or maybe I can blame it on choir. Hannah surely can attest to this. This past Saturday we sang with the Kalamazoo Symphony.Believe me, i'm glad its over. We had HOURS of rehearsal last week. I'm still not sure it was worth it. The concert went wonderfully, and the piece we sang "Te Deum" by Latvian composer Ugis Praulins has grown on me, but the hours spent in the Alto section are enough to drive a girl insane.

Or maybe its because I finished my sweater.

Thank goodness. Took me long enough. I know you can't see it, and this is my fault for using the yarn, but there is the most beautiful cable taken out of Elisabeth Lavold's "Viking Patterns" down the front of this self designed raglan sleeve sweater. I wore it yesterday and I proud to say, it fits. Look at that tapered waist. It may not be slimming, but it is warm, soft, and does not resemble a paper bag like some of my past sweater efforts.

So there. I'm back.
Next up, the amazing adventures of Madam Defarge, in scarf form. Curious?


Sara said...

Aw, we're like, blog friends now. What's next, a blog ring? Hahaha that would be kind of awesome :| Anyway, I really enjoy your sweater! The color is gorgeous, and it looks really cozy.

And yes, I am curious. So knit quickly. :)

Sigrún Tinna Sveinsdóttir said...

Hi Cat,
I just remembered that you had a live journal so I went to my e-mail box to find it. After many hours of searching I did and then from that site I found this one. I´m make you go and read mine but I guess you haven´t learned much Icelandic since you began college, anyway it´s www.blog.central.is/tinnuspil just in case you wanna practice.
I love you´re sweater....did you know they have a knitting club at ETHS?
Anyways we gotta talk soon...I might be coming to Chicago in August; but nothing is sertain yet.

Sigrún Tinna