Monday, January 16, 2006

My turn

After thinking about all that has gone down in less than the past week, I am glad for most of MY drama to be done with. I don't want to have it ever again. SERIOUSLY! But our suite definately needs to talk. Majorly. But the important thing, is that me and Justine don't have a beef. Though that sounds really good right now (food, not drama). Sometimes knitting is what brings people together, and can split them apart. Literally. Last wednesday is when the suite drama started because of the knitting group (the sweat shop or the Kollege Knitters), and somehow because we were all present yesterday, I feel that we were brought together again. Now Josh on the other hand is still being very childish. And I almost think that we need to have the suite meet with the guys. Maybe even with everyone that comes into our suite? I don't know too much thinking for this early. But it soo isn't that early.
I am also very glad that this has been a long weekend, and that I was able to spend lots of time with Derek. And knit lots, I feel that the hat is going to be done today. Which would make me very happy. And I need to work on that blanket, and the scarf, and start a sweater. The sweater I think is going to be my downfall. I really truely hope not. I am excited about the yarn I am going to use. It is called pumpkin patch from Knit picks. It IS AWESOME!

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