Thursday, January 05, 2006

back at k

Hannah, Catherine ~

Is it weird to anyone else that we're at school already? While all our high school friends are gallivanting in our respective homes (my friends are eating sushi in Detroit... so jealous!) we have to deal with all that jazz.. literally in my case, with History of Jazz, Physics I, and Intermediate Spanish. It's good to be back in the sweatshop though.

It would be even nicer if we could get our knitting group off the ground, though. I don't know how we should go about that, but I want to talk to my advisor about it later today. I'll get back to you guys on that ASAP.

Not a lot of that whole knitting thing has been happening. I'm afraid I have carpal tunnel from Christmas, to be perfectly honest. I'm working on this thingy in very preppy pink and green. I'd look up the yarn but I'm lazy. It's from Jo Ann's and it's way too soft for it's own good. 25% wool, and seriously seriously seriously soft. Typing seriously three times was really annoying just now.

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