Thursday, December 29, 2005

the Christmas Grind part 2

Justine, Hannah,
take a moment and listen. Listen to what?
Do you hear the rustling of tissue paper? Frantic phonecalls from sisters? The smoke detector going off, screaming of burnt food? The hysterical clacking of knitting needles as Christmas draws closer by each malicious move of the clock?
Do you?

No. Because we made it. Christmas is OVER. Not to mention, the Solstice has passed and the days will now get longer. I'm tempted to make a chart of what time the sun goes down, to track each extra minute of sunlight we get.

I repeat: Christmas is over, and I finished everything. Each last stitch, blocked, sewn, wrapped and placed under the christmas tree; no sweat. ( Just give me a few weeks to recover).

This was truely a year of wonderful gifts. Everyone, myself included, got exactly what they didn't even know they wanted and needed. (Like a big box of brown merino yarn. But let me add a news flash of a not so wonderful gift - Andrew has mono. Talk about a damper on holiday fun. Get better FAST Andrew.

But now back to Christmas past -
Dad loved his sweater, just like we knew he would. But it wasn't until he put it on that the magic happened. A few days later he was showing it off. Lets hope (wait...maybe not) that it gets cold enough for him to wear it.

This was my first real attempt at any sort of colorwork, and I must say, I love it. I'd done smaller pieces, lots of fair isle stripes, intarsia wristbands, and am comfortable working with many colors, but this was my first sweater, pattern, and overall finished piece I am proud of . And for a man who is always cold, a lopi sweater is just the thing.

You know, I am just not technologically gifted. Let's start a scoreboard. Right now, as i anguish over sore fingers and cats stuck in christmas paper, i'd say the score is Blogger: 5, Catherine: 0.

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sara said...

I'm really impressed by your ability to meet deadlines (she says as she casually continues Christmas knitting).

And I'm also really impressed by that sweater. It looks really cozy. :)