Sunday, August 22, 2010

There's always something...

I can't find my camera charger.

It's the one thing post-moving that i'd really like to locate. I'm about 99% unpacked at my new place. I've got luxuries like a bed skirt, candles and plants all taken care of. I'm in the process of hanging art.

And of course I can't share any of it because I can't find my camera charger! I've been knitting lots of small projects this summer; socks and market bags mostly. I've got sage green socks waiting to be photographed and a bright teal cotton bag on the needles. Of course, my camera is dead.

That's the thing about moving so much as a young 20-something college grad. 18 hits and you become a sort of transitive personality in so many way. Each year can bring an entirely different personality, group of friends and set of expectations. Freshman year quickly becomes a post-grad existence which consists of lugging Ikea furniture from dorm to studio apartment. Jobs change, friends take jobs in different states, and moving becomes a significant chore. Whether for a job, a significant other, or just because, moving is an upheaval. And let's face it, it really sucks.

This is the 4th time I've moved since graduating in June of '09. I am hoping that I will stay in my lovely studio apartment in Andersonville for at least 2 years. I'm nesting, so to speak - drilling holes in to the wall signifies a sort of permanence. My goal for today is to finish putting up shelves and finally unpack my yarn.

Once my crafting supplies are finally unpacked this place will be home. Hopefully for a while.

And hopefully I'll find that last missing camera charger!

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