Monday, February 09, 2009

A commemorative moment


After over a year of thinking about it (May of 2007 to now...), and 8 months of writing, editing, writing more, editing more, and more reading than I care to think about, I turned in my Senior Individualized Project.

Which means, as long as I don't flat out fail anything in the next 5 months, I am for all intensive purposes done with my undergrad degree. I have finished my English major, all my pre-requisite courses, including but not limited to: two religion classes, several econ classes, three Spanish classes, and a stats course. Now, I need one more PE credit, and I'm done.

Life is looking a little less stressful!

But now, onto the thesis. 69 pages of literary analysis. 69 pages of the words "patriarchy," "Gothic heroine," "Ann Radcliffe" and "Maternal Figure." You don't know how lovely it is not to have to repeatedly type those words again. And again. And again. It was a labor of love, but the feeling of turning it in on Friday was wonderful. I simply couldn't stop smiling!

Kind of like this:
From Winter 2009
Or like this:

Now I might have time to do other things. Like knit, and run with my dogs, and play in the spring-like weather we are having!

Also, see that thermos? It's helping me a lot in the no-coffee-February. I just bring tea bags, and fill it with hot water throughout the day. It's lovely!

One more picture, just because I can. Look how confused Melissa looks as to why I am taking macro shots of my thesis...

Look how big it is!
Hard to beleive it's really done!


Trina said...

And mmm, tea is good :)

Laiane said...


I remember turning mine in to the Psych Dept. I could discuss the post-Freudian separation-individuation theory of personality development in my sleep.

Dr. Griffin was my first English prof (I was a Psych-English double major). An amazing lady.


Catherine said...

Thanks, both of you! It's been nice having it done, that's for sure!