Sunday, October 19, 2008

No-one lock me in an attic...

So, yeah, we finally got internet.

So, I'm back with no excuses. The past few weeks have been incredibly stressful, and they show no signs of getting less so. 100 pages of Sense and Sensibility for my Women's Lit class tomorrow, along with a paper on Conrad's Lord Jim by noon, and all I want to do is knit.

I need to knit, and more importantly, I need to share my knitting. And wear it, and think about it, and talk about it. Otherwise I do nothing but read and write, and I start to go a little nuts. Like Bertha Mason, except less violent. Please, no one lock me in an attic unless I have my knitting!

First, it's autumn, which is one of my favorite seasons. Actually, I suppose it would be safe to say they are all my favorite seasons, but I have been relishing in long walks through maple leaves, and the smell of pumpkin in the oven, and the crisp morning weather...and...ah, Fall!

And with Fall comes, of course, Oktoberfest! Eric and I headed to Lansing a few weeks ago for their Oktoberfest celebration in Old Town. It wasn't quite what we expected--not enough people, not enough beer, too much money. Yet, with the chill in the air, the leaves on the ground, and the smell of beer in the tent, it was a perfect fall afternoon.

Fall has also seen the release of Olde Peninsula's Pumpkin Ale. OP is a microbrewery/restaurant right downtown Kalamazoo, and has absolutely some of the best food and beer ever. Their seasonal releases may be up their with pumpkin muffins and apple cider!

But on to knitting: Last time I was in Chicago I had a mole removed from my chest. After a bad reaction to the anesthesia, not to mention the searing pain for the rest of the day, I felt I needed a treat. Barnes and Noble provided one in the form of the Fall Vogue Knitting. I picked it up, and promptly fell in love with this sweater, the Vihervaara-uppari/Green gable hoodie, picked up some of the required yarn, and started knitting.

Butg, with school starting, my senior thesis looming, as well as the literary magazine, writing center, and trying to maintain a social life, the sweater fell by the wayside. It was done--it just needed the ends sewn in and buttons sewn on. It sat on the couch for about 4 weeks, and I would look sadly at it every morning as I bolted out of the house in less stylish sweaters, or sometimes no sweater at all.

Yesterday I finally finished the sweater, sewed on the last buttons, and slipped it over my head. I LOVE IT. I can't remember the last time I loved a finished object so much, or even any sweater in the store. It's warm, soft, and incredibly comfortable. It fits well, looks great, and is a wonderful, beautiful pattern.

Details on this to come: for now, I've got to get back to reading Austen and trying to catch up with the rest of my life. Yikes.


Laiane said...

You'll definitely need to plan ahead for a few knitting projects to work on once you start your SIP. :) Little projects like washcloths or net grocery bags or similar items. Knitting clears my head and lets ideas bubble to the surface (and I'm assuming that might be true for you as well). Knitting is also an excellent form of procrastination in that you really aren't wasting time. You get an FO at the end!

Your sweater is great! My best friend is dying to start working on that pattern.

Trina said...

Well done, your sweater looks gorgeous, and its such a nice colour!