Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Story of the Squishy Scarf - illiteration 101

In my last post I introduced, albeit briefly, the wonders of the reversible scarf.

What is this scarf, you might be asking yourself. From where did it come from? Who designed it? And, why is it so squooshy you want to bury your face in it,or use it as a pillow, or simple squeeze it repeatedly?

All valid questions my friends.

This scarf came to me via Ravelry, as most wonderful knitted goodness does these days. (I've noticed that most of the blog-sphere is singing the praises of Ravelry, and with good reason. I even told my mother to sign up.) It is a pattern called Palidrome (since it's reversible!) found here. As soon as I saw it, I was in love. More obsessed than Spike in season 5 of Buffy (yes, still watching Buffy) I ran for my yarn drawer, and to my delight, discovered I had two balls of Rowan wool left over from my dad's sweater.

Two days later (and several episodes of Buffy later) I cast off. And then I smooshed my face into...okay not really. But, I do really love this scarf. The reversible cables, cleverly done by working an 8 stitch cable (4 over 4) while maintaining 2x2 rib makes a really thick, soft fabric. The Rowan wool is light and airy, but also incredibly warm. So all in all, this scarf is heavenly. Light, but thick and squishy, and warm enough that, wrapped around my neck, no wind can harm me!

The scarf is also the reason for the slightly delinquent blogging lately. Other than this lovely piece of squooshiness, I haven't been doing much. A little bit of reading here, a little bit of walking around London, but I have little to show. I guess getting back to London killed any motivation I had.

But my squooshy scarf and I are ready to go out into the windy, blustery London weather. Just look at it! (And how grey it is...)

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