Friday, January 11, 2008

Out with the old, in with the new

Eric and I spent one lovely evening at an amusement park, while I was in Japan. In the dark. And the rain. In case you were wondering, riding a roller coaster in the dark and the rain is terrifying, but riding a ferris wheel is worse. I would not recommend it, unless you like freezing your arse off. But I digress.

While walking to aforementioned crazy Japanese amusement park in the rain, I noticed Eric did not have a scarf. Ludicrous! How does one date a knitter for so long and not even have a scarf? In about three seconds, he was wearing a scarf I had tucked away in my backpack, a lovely green scarf I had knit a long time ago. My only recollection of the yarn is that it was expensive, but logic tells me it may be Manos De Uraguay. My only recollection of the pattern is...well, no actually, it's a very easy pattern. Just your basic multi-directional garter stitch scarf.

That scarf served me well for about two years, but now it has taken up residence in Japan. Eric is "borrowing" it until we get back, but occasionally I get such emails as "I wore your scarf to sleep tonight! It's just so cold in my room, and it was like having a stuffed animal," or, "Wore your scarf today, got so many compliments! It kept me nice and warm." I think borrowed may have turned into given, but that is perfectly okay with me! (Even if he does insist on calling it a muffler.)

The point of all of this is not to bore you to death. No, the point is, I came back from London wondering why I had thought it was a good idea to let my nice, woolly, warm scarf leave me. I came back to London a little shivering ball of coldness. And then I cast on.

I have only two words for this scarf. The first one is squooshy. The second one? Reversible.

Brilliant. (Also, not blue at all in real life. Damn English weather and lack of sunlight.)

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