Sunday, December 02, 2007

Christmas Knitting - For my Grandma

22 days folks. Hanging in there? Cursing the Knitting Gods, your needles, and anyone who dares look at you, or even breathe in your general direction? If you, like me, seem to have fallen into a black hole consisting of coffee, Buffy (or insert favorite show, podcast, whatever, here), tea, Buffy, more coffee, Buffy, tea, all so you can maximize your knitting hours, don't despair.

22 days is longer than 3 weeks! See? You've got time!

I'm feeling optimistic because I've nearly finished the body of my father's fly by the seat of my pants sweater I started a few days ago. That's even with a false start which involved ripping out 38" of intricate cable.

Today's gift is destined for my grandmother, a woman I am very close to. The gift was not knit with her in mind. In fact, it was knit for me. I even wore it a few times. But, it's not my style, and it didn't take me long to realize she would probably appreciate it a lot more than I do.

I really do want my knitting to have a good home. On this note, I have given away sweaters, scarves, hats, all because someone said they liked them. Borrow something from me enough and it will probably end up yours.

But back to the knitting, which will undoubtedly have a very good home:
Sometime back in January, I picked up a ball of merino laceweight in the most beautiful rosy pink color. It sat in my stash for ages, until in a somewhat spur of the moment decision, I cast on for the Print O' The Waves Stole, provided graciously and freely by Eunny Jang. (Pre Interweave, that is). I had a mad love affair with it the whole time, and finished it around finals, wore it a few times, and then looked pitifully at it every time I opened my dresser drawers.
Clearly this picture was not taken recently. Mid-summer, I believe.

Sometime this year I realized I was never going to wear it. But I think my grandmother will love it. I hope she does anyways! She and I are close, and I love shopping for her and with her. Ours is an unconventional familial relationship,I am sure. It has to do in part because she's quite young - my grandfather married her when I was around 6. But regardless of the fact that we share no blood, she is one of the family members I am closest to. Over the years it's made me realize that "family", at least for me, has more to do with the people I surround myself with, and less with who I happen to be related to.

Of course, now I have a "family" spread over several continents,which can be quite frustrating and sad.

Happy knitting everyone!

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