Thursday, November 29, 2007

Christmas Knitting - Let's Go!

If you are still reeling from the horror that was last night's blog post, don't' worry. So am I. I spent the day alternating between essay writing and Buffy watching / knitting. At the end of it all, I have about 8 inches of a sweater, with only what, a million left?

I get a little insane around Christmas time. It is, by far, my favorite season/holiday of the year. There is nothing as magical to me as Christmas lights, trees laden with ornaments, and the thrill of watching people open their gifts.

This will be the first year of my life, that is 21 years of dutiful Christmas spirit, in which I have not made the small pilgrimage downtown to see the Marshall Fields Windows. (Now Macy's but I choose to forget that small fact...) This will be the first year I don't wake up to a general hubbub of stockings, Christmas breakfast, and a beautiful tree. I will be in Japan, so I am not complaining. I just get all teary thinking of those bright lights, so far away.

This is my first official Christmas Knitting Installment. Shall we see what Christmas 2007 is looking like?This is one of my all time favorite patterns, the DNA Double Helix Scarf. It's the second time I've knit the pattern, and it was just as much fun as before! It's ingenious really. People stare at it for a few seconds before something clicks and you hear a small gasp of recognition. This scarf, in short, rocks.

(Please forgive the craptastic photos. The sun sets at somewhere around 3:45, and the light in my room is truly terrible. But think! In just 4 months I'll be back in Michigan where I'll have both best friend and boyfriend at my picture taking disposal. It might help. Maybe.)

This rockin' scarf is for my uncle because my uncle is a rockin' man. It's not just a Christmas Present! It's also a big thank you, since my rockin' uncle co-signed my not so rockin' loan.

What better way to say "Thank you for placing your financial security in the hands of your 21 year old niece" than to give him a scarf? My thoughts exactly. Oh, paying the loan back is the other way I'm saying it. On time even!

My rockin' uncle used to be a large animal veterinarian.* Then he got his teeth kicked out by a horse. Pesky horses. He always told me it worked out though, since it gave him an advantage on the rugby field. (do you play rugby on a field? I am very uninformed.) You see, my rockin' uncle is not a small man. He's not a big man either. He's huge. Probably around 6'6", all of it muscle. On the rugby court he is a man to be feared. So, when the teeth were kicked out, he used it to his advantage. "I just pop out my fake teeth and go at the other team. They're always a little freaked out by this massive, toothless man coming at them." Or so he says.

*Now he is a veterinary consultant and animal nutritionist. It's all kind of science related, right? I just wanted to knit him a cool scarf.


Laiane said...

The scarf is very, very cool, I agree. I've bookmarked it for when my knitting skillz become a tad more l33t. ;)

Catherine said...

It's not hard at all! It was the first thing I knit from a chart, and the pattern is so well written and fun that it whizzed by.