Saturday, November 03, 2007

Laundry list of WIP's

I feel like all I do these days is knit. This isn't completely true. I read, sometimes. (I just started Middlemarch for class, and I'm quite excited.) Sometimes I go to yoga. Today I went to the Greenwich market and then walked around in the park, my favorite spot in London.

But mostly I knit. I only have three projects currently on the needles, but it seems like a lot. (They're all relatively large projects, and I'm so excited about all three, I can never decide which to work on.)

A tour of my day might look a little something like this.

Morning: Work on the "Lizzie" sweater. The body is done. I now just need sleeves. Inspiration for sleeves, to be honest. I've got the whole sweater except for the sleeves done.

The lace pattern is called "Leaves of Grass." I actually found it on the lion brand website,which was quite a nice surprise! I like the way it works with the denim. It has a nice drape,and is lacy yet no-nonsense. Just like Elizabeth Bennet.

Midday: Cue the Sweater o' Doom. I had a small panic attack when I realized it was already November 2nd. I have to get this thing done, steeked, sewn, blocked, wrapped and mailed by mid-December to get it to my dad in time! Good thing it's grown.
I'm about 20" into the body, and need about another 6" total before I can start the sleeves. It's actually been less full of doom than I thought, and once I got the hang of the pattern it started clipping along. (You can see the front and sides in this picture. Nifty!)

Decidedly less doomy than I thought. Although I might take that back once I have to steek it.

Night: My "secret project". I know this is the first I've mentioned it. I've had an idea percolating for a while, and figured all this extra knitting time would give me a chance to actually execute the idea. Witness part 1 of the secret project.

The secret project also includes a lot more yarn. If you've ever wondered what $100 of Wool of the Andes looks like, here's your answer.

A lot.

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Laiane said...

The mere thought of steeking can make me hyperventilate. You're a braver knitter than I!