Friday, November 16, 2007

I do not have cankles

Contrary to what these pictures may lead you to believe, I do not have cankles. Really. All ankles here.

But, we have a foot! Yes, my Q sock is the proud owner of both turned heel and beginning of a foot. You can see my mods - the slip stitch pattern on the bottom of the foot, and the continuation of the tumbling blocks on the top. I'm thrilled with it!

I pretty much can't wait to wear these, and I couldn't wait to declare my love to the whole world.

Q, I love you.


Thalia said...

Awww, your Q loves you too, apparently. It's lovely - and look at those teeeeeeny stitches!

Catherine said...

Those tiny stitches are the reason those socks aren't done! After the initial love affair, I am a little bogged down. :(