Saturday, July 07, 2007

Summer Lovin'

Home for the weekend, with Melissa and Jillian. It's been great. Every time I return to Chicago, I'm awestruck by how much I love it, and how much I miss Lake Michigan. Jill and I spent way too long contemplating how we could steal a duck for a pet, and at one point I narrowly avoided diving into the water below the pier. (The rocks were the deciding factor).

One of my favorite (and traditional) Chicago destinations is Ras Dashen, a wonderful Ethiopian restaurant in Uptown Chicago. I crave it when i'm in Kalamazoo, and gorge when i'm in Chicago. It was a lovely evening overall.

I've joined the Ravelry craze, and am really enjoying it. At first glance I thought the whole idea was well, a bit trendy and silly, but after receiving my beta invite I've become addicted. It's rewarding to see what I've knit already, and motivational to add to my queue. I'm chasingmyself over there, fyi.

One more fun weekend excursion before I head out to start Saturday. (The dogs and I are going to the beach for a while!) Melissa lovingly joined me in Marango, IL. From here you take I-90 for 100 years, or until Melissa starts complaining and threatening to hurt you. Then, drive through the boonies until you are almost lost and the GPS starts yelling at you. Finally, pull up to a beautiful but inconsequential house, ignoring the yells of Melissa that "you actually made me drive all the way out here for a house? It's her GARAGE? I thought you were JOKING!" and you will have arrived at The Fold, a personal Mecca for yarn and fiber. Toni is wonderful, the shop is overwhelming, and the sheep are adorable. More pictures and stories to come!


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