Friday, July 27, 2007

Pumpkin and water

So I'm officially working again on 3 projects. It seems like a long and daunting task of trying to finish a blanket, sweater, and shirt before leaving for Spain, but I also know it won't happen, since I haven't even finished the trim on the sweater. So updates on each of these WIPs:
I have the two sleeves done, and they kinda have been for a good while. I've been working on the body part of the sweater since December (I remember casting on the 360 stiches in the San Diego Airport while my friend was in class). I've worked on it sporadically since then, but I doubt that it'll be half way done by the time LandSea comes around. I plan on taking this project with me to Spain.
That one blanket that I started over a year ago! I'm currently pulling this project out of it's bag ever since I moved into Dartmouth. I keep pulling it out every so often, and when I do I get like 3 or 4 rows done. It goes from my toes to my chin now, and I think I'll go so that it fits my twin bed here so that it could fit anyone.
Weird shirt thing:
I've got the back done, and I'm just working on the front, but I seem to not pull it out when I could... I guess Water and Pumpkin take priority.

I have to say, the R3 bag is freaking awesome, and I didn't know that you made it out of plastic bags. Ugh. that sounds like so much work, but freaking awesome in the green ways. If you ever think you need more plastic bags, let me know, because I have a major stash of them.

Keep Knitting!

To add to Summer Reading: Stardust (which will be a movie on August 10), and The Nanny diaries (Which will also become a movie this September with multiple changes). HPDH: Freaking awesome, and so sad.

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