Monday, July 23, 2007

Mayhem and Mishaps

Hannah, Justine,

This weekend did not go as planned. No camping. I cannot get my copy of Harry Potter until tomorrow morning when our Mail Center opens. Very little knitting.

Yesterday, Eric and I headed to Fort Custer, with the intention of biking, swimming, and hanging out in nature all day. It's about 17 miles there, so we got on our bikes and headed out. It was miserable, and I am burned to a crisp. Bending my legs is agonizing, and I have a farmers tan like no other.

But the real treat was on the way back. Going down a hill, Eric hit a bump in the sidewalk. The results, while they may be charming, ain't so pretty.

Yep, those are two ace bandages. Two (mildly) sprained wrists. And yep, that is a big gap in the front of his mouth. It was a nasty spill, and I guess we're just lucky it's only the tooth that got broken.

The only good news I can see in this weekend is that I am on row 70 of the body of the Cabled Riding Jacket, and on row 76 I begin the neck decreases. It's rolling along! But really, thats small consolation.

(I must say that he is taking this all quite well. I'd be pitching a fit if I were banged up so badly, and he's handled it all with a (toothless) grin.)

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