Tuesday, December 20, 2005

and then there was a blog...

Once upon a time I started a knitting blog. Everyone else had one, and I was knitting the same things as everyone else, so why not have a blog?

Of course, this was also the end of senior year. I was working four days a week, going to school for five, embroiled in a sort of long distance relationship, and barely had time to knit, let alone blog about the scarves and socks I was working on.

But don't get me wrong; I kept knitting. I have a closetful of scarves, sweaters, and shawls, and am working on more socks than any girl needs (except that i DO need them. Kalamazoo is cold!) As summer rolled around, all I did was knit. Afghans, gloves, mittens, more socks, anything you could think of flew off my needles. When September rolled around I packed up a few bags of yarn, all my needles, and took I94 from Chicago to Kalamazoo, Michigan.

For those of you who know of K College, a group of knitters will not appear out of the ordinary. It is most definitely a liberal arts school. It wasn't long until I found, only three floors under me, a group of girls equally, although not as obsessed, with knitting as I was. From then on, Justine and I have gone to the yarn store more times than is healthy. Hannah soon jumped on the "bandwagon" as soon as she expanded her crochet horizons and began to knit.

Here we are ready for winter quarter, freezing on our tiny campus. We're embarking on starting a knitting group that will not only be campus wide, but be both artful and help "build community bonds". (kalamazoo is big on that.) A spinning wheel will take up residence in Crissey 8, as will many more knitting circles.

And here is a blog to document it all. Hannah, Justine and myself decided what better way to stay in touch over breaks than document our knitting, as well as our knitting group.

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