Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer Bounty

A while ago I planted a "garden". This garden consists of 6 plastic pots on the side of my house--an old Victorian house broken up into 4 apartments, with no yard, and no sun. The sunny spot beneath my neighbor's window is about the only place I could find for a few plants, and there they live.

Petite bell peppers, green tomatoes, and cucumber blossoms. A sea of green.

Imagine my excitement yesterday when I got home from walking the dogs, and noticed a flash of red amongst the small green tomatoes, curling cucumber vines, and yellow blossoms. Summer has arrived.

Today, with the small gem swollen to a deeper red, I couldn't resist. I plucked it off the vine, popped it into my mouth, and enjoyed the first taste of fresh tomatoes. My first tomato. The first garden I've ever had. It's a wonderful feeling.

I am fairly obsessed with the promise of having a garden all my own in the near future. I belong to a community garden, and am a farmer's market devotee, but something about creating food from the land immediately around me is both rewarding and vital. I want to give back to the community around me in the form of beautiful gardens, and to enrich my own life with fresh food that I grew. It's a dream, but with this first small tomato I'm one step closer to that dream!

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