Sunday, June 15, 2008

Changing it Up

Now that I am done with classes for a few months, I've had time to catch my breathe, and turn my attention to things I want to do.

Goodbye finals, hello spinning!

I've had a few blissful nights with a pot of tea (even in 85 degree weather I drink tea,) dogs at my feet, cats lurking angrily in a corner, and the radio on. Listening to A Prairie Home Companion, the news, or music, I've managed to plow through several bobbins in a few nights. How lovely!

The red yarn you see on the bobbin has been with me for a ridiculously long time. Years. Seriously. Remember when I blogged about my trip to the Fold last summer? Haven't even touched that lovely stuff, since this red merino has been hogging my bobbins for what seems like eons.

But now, with my spinning wheel easily accessible for the first time since I started college (right next to the TV!) and some spare time on my hands, it seems like the end may be in sight! The more I spin, the faster it goes, and the faster it goes, the less daunting it seems. I've gone from about 1.5lbs of wool to about .25lbs! Of course, that's still a good chunk of spinning, and with the weather hovering between 80 and 90 degrees lately, who knows how motivated I'll be.
See how big that bag was? See how much fiber is left?

But the point is, I'm spinning. You probably didn't even know I spun, I speak of it so rarely! But, I'm back at it, after false starts, long lapses, and lots of fights with my wool. It's wonderful to see the progress, and I am looking forward to knitting myself a sweater from all this wonderful, luscious, woolly goodness.

Also on my needles? (hooks?)
  • Babette (ravelry link) is coming along quite nicely.
  • Two chemo caps for Eric's mom. One of the original ones got lost in the hospital, so I'm working on some to replace it. More on that later.
  • the Hemlock Ring Blanket is still waiting to be blocked. I don't have a space big enough to block it in the apartment, and have been too lazy to lug it elsewhere.
Until next time, hope you are all keeping cool. If you are in the Midwest, I hope you are safe from tornadoes/torrential rainstorms/etc. It's pretty scary!


Laiane said...

Learning to spin is sorta/kinda on my list of things to do, but I'm afraid it will be like falling down the rabbit hole! I did order an inexpensive drop spindle and undyed roving in a "learn to spin" kit I found on Etsy. Less than $20.00 with shipping, but I'm thinking there's some heavy foreshadowing going on here. :)

Catherine said...

Spinning is so relaxing. I don't find it nearly as addictive as knitting, perhaps because I have to lug out my wheel and fiber, whereas I keep my knitting stashed next to the bed.

Good luck on your spinning endeavors!