Friday, May 30, 2008

M.I.A...That's me

Sheesh. Been a long time. Sound like the last post?

The problem is, I can't find my damn camera charger. I remember putting it away while I was unpacking, and thinking to myself "Ah! What a brilliant place for devices such as this here camera charger!"

But now that I need the thing, I cannot find it anywhere. To be honest, I haven't looked all that hard, but that's only because my spare room is a mess, and I am afraid of it. So, my exciting plans for tomorrow include finding aforementioned camera charger, and then documenting the last month of my knitting life. I have lots to share, including a finished sweater, a half finished blanket, and some ideas.

Another reason I haven't been posting much lately is that my focus has shifted away from knitting towards other intrigues. And, I've always thought of this as a knitting blog, thus my hesitation to post on say, the whole wheat bread I cooked yesterday, or the cornbread muffins. (Okay, you caught me. I really like bread. And baking bread.)

But I realized, this is my blog, and I am going to expand, and allow it to grow with me. Since coming home from London I've made so many changes to my lifestyle. I cook incessantly (sometimes for hours), which means I have less time to knit. I've made the commitment to biking, rather than driving, which gets me outside more. I've planted a garden, adopted two cats, and slipcovered (half of) the couch.

I hope in the next few weeks to be able to share that with you all. It's been a fun quarter, but quite stressful. With just two weeks of school left I am looking forward to having more time to knit, cook, blog, and drink microbrews on the front porch with Eric, and the addition to our little family that will be appearing shortly. (stay tuned!!!)

If I can find the damn camera charger, I will regale you all with pictures from the farmer's market tomorrow. If not, well, i'll just keep looking for it!


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